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First Light Early Education Center


The mission of First Light Early Education Center is to provide a secure and loving program partnering with families to develop virtue, values and character, inspiring success in school in life.

In order to achieve this mission, First Light recognizes that active partnerships between families and the community are essential. First Light welcomes family and community members to participate as volunteers in several different areas such as art, music, theatre, outings, story time, Kindergarten readiness, yard beautification and one week summer seminars. We believe the opportunity to enrich the lives of the children through family and community member expertise is a priceless component for a child’s experience at First Light.

We are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  • Teach Art, Music or Theatre - 1 Hour/1 Time Per Week
  • Summer Program – 1 Week Seminar/Class (Art, Music or Theatre)
  • Summer Outing/Field Trip Days
  • Story Time
  • Kindergarten Readiness – One On One
  • Yard Beautification
  • Building maintenance as needed

If you would like to participate as a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application form or contact First Light for more information.

First Light Volunteer Application.pdf

First Light Early Education Center Notices

Early Childhood

Refer to the
Calendar for Breaks/Closures

3-5 Years

Enrichment 5-8

Kindergarten 5-8

After School
Reading & Math Enrichment 5-8

Accepting older
2's that are
potty trained