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First Light Early Education Center

Tuition and Fees

While we understand that the expense of our services can be fairly costly, we like to consider each child’s journey with us as an investment in their future. When viewing this expense as an investment in each child’s future and taking into consideration the value each child receives and carries with them throughout the rest of their lives it’s a worthwhile return on your most precious asset(s).

With more and more parents working from home, the need for full day care has greatly declined.  More and more parents are looking for small pockets of intentional learning for their children giving parents peace of mind and allowing them to focus on their work. 

First Light offers flexible AM and PM part day programming for 2 days, 3, days or 4 days a week.  Now, investing in a High Quality preschool environment where we engage, play, encourage, and seek to enrich all areas of growth and development in a NAEYC Accredited and licensed Early Education Center is very affordable.  A four day a week schedule of classes is $5,000/year or less depending on the schedule and payment options you choose ($25/day with the option for 3% discount for payment in full). 

While this caliber of education does come at a cost, you may be surprised at just how well our rates compare. According to, The Average cost for licensed, center based care for a toddler in Wyoming is $10,140.00 annually ($39/day).  Our flexible part day programming eliminates the need for parents to pay for things like transition times, meals and naps gives us the ability to offer intentional high quality learning at a fraction of the price. 

Parents who want/need a full day option may opt to use the center based child care located in the same building as First Light, so it is an easy transition from preschool to care.


Application Process

To begin the application process, please call 307-673-0403 or email and our staff member will assist you.

First Light Early Education Center Notices

Early Childhood

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