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First Light Early Education Center


"First Light is the most trusted care in Sheridan for our Daughter." Emily Hawkins

"We appreciate all that the teachers, assistants, and staff do to make First Light so special for the kids!" Lacey Anesi

"First Light has been a great place for all 3 of our girls. We started near the beginning of First Light’s opening. We have had 1 or 2 of our 3 girls there for 10 years! Thank you for being there!" Amy Williams

"Awe, we LOVE First Light!" Chancey Nelson

"The family pop in was so much fun. He was so happy to, "play a game with my friend lion." Even our family we sent pictures to said it that it was so cool his school does that, and we agree." Nicole Jahn

“We want to say thank you for all your hard work and patience! I can remember he starting in the Tender Hearts room getting the feeding and bowel movement reports (which I loved). Moving into Helping Hands, Precious Feet and then Rising Stars. He has learned so much while he has been there (emotionally, socially, didactically ect). We always felt that he was safe and well fed. We will miss First Light but know he is ready for his next adventure” Beres Family

"My heart is at peace when my girls are at First Light so I can fully focus at work. I know they are in great hands" Leslie Gesorge

"We have enjoyed our time at First Light. Billy has grown in many ways and I always felt he was safe when he was there. He has learned a lot  and will use these skills in his next adventure" Sara Beres

"Harper loves coming to First Light. We felt immediately at ease there knowing she is getting the best care, education and experience available in Sheridan. We are so thankful for First Light" Dobrenz family

“We have truly appreciated your care and the learning experiences that you have provided for our boys. First Light is an amazing learning center with attentive and caring staff.” Stacy and Brady Besel

“Thank you! You folks are awesome and do a phenomenal job with the kids.  We really appreciate everything that you do and have done for Billy.  You guys probably don’t hear that enough, so thank you all very much.” Bill Beres

"Thank you for providing such wonderful care and a supportive environment to learn and grow. We are so grateful" Smyth Family

"We cannot express how grateful we are for you and what you have done with Kason. We don't know what we would have done had he not come as far as he has. What you've done for him has been incredible!! We have you to thank for awesome things he has been able to accomplish. There are no words! We greatly appreciate everything! Thank you so much!" Nicole Cox 

“You guys go above and beyond what is expected. We are so blessed to have Everlee in such great hands. Thanks for all you do.” Jessica & Ronnie Iames

“We love First Light and all the staff.” Cara Schroth

“Maxine looks forward to all of the summer activities you all have begun.  She loves it.” Tamarra Crawford

“Thank you so much for the great care & safety you provide my child with.” Tamarra Crawford

“We are so happy with Ms. Kara and the staff at First Light for taking such great care of our son.  He continues to grow, enjoy spending time with his friends and constantly learning new development skills.  Thanks for all you do!” Chele Schamber

“We love First Light. My son has really blossomed since becoming enrolled.  We love the food program, the classroom activities and how friendly the staff and Billy’s teachers.” Sara Beres

“Thanks FL for all you do! you are truly amazing and LOVING individuals!” Stephanie Stender-Penrose

"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us about Lucas on Monday. It was really wonderful to get a better glimpse of what Lucas is doing and learning when we bring him to First Light. We came away from the parent teacher conference feeling great about the care and attention Lucas receives there. We were already aware that First Light is the best place to entrust with caring for our boys, but we came away from the meeting Monday with even greater confidence that they are in great hands when we can’t be with them.
Thank you again for everything you do!" Ryan and Kimberly Meisel 

"Brae loves her pre-k teacher Ashley like family. They've been together daily for over 3 years now as Ashley moved up a year as lead teacher every time BG moved to a new class. I sure hate leaving her every day but knowing she's eager to see her teacher makes every morning easier." Alisa Brantz

"First Light is a great place and I have enjoyed taking Ellie there. Everyone is great, and Ellie has learned quite a lot being there! She is more than ready for Kindergarten and it’s all thanks to you!" Alex B

"Lots of praise for First Light from teachers and staff at Kindergarten screening today :)" Carrie Steinhorst

"You guys are amazing!" Megan Peak

"We are so happy to be at First Light and Bennett loves coming and playing with his friends and teachers! The facility, staff and teachers and amazing!" Tiffany Resser

"We are so happy with the love and care your staff give our children. I never worry about leaving them in the care of the staff at First Light! Thank you for watching over the most important people in my life." Amberlee Smith

"Thank you for providing such wonderful care for our daughter." Cory Smyth

"We love you guys!" Carrie Steinhorst

"We are so grateful and love everything about FL!" Nikki Burgess

"First Light definitely goes the extra distance to provide love, care and growth for any little one." Emily Betzler

"Love you guys tons! I never worry about Gracyn when I am at school. You tend to her needs and know when she is ready to move to a new room. Your communication is great!! Not sure what I would do without First Light. They are my family here in Sheridan and I am forever thankful and blessed." Lindsey Blakeman

"We are so grateful for the love and care you all provide to our two girls. Thanks! Tamara Crawford

First Light is so amazing! My kids love all their teachers and seem to be learning quite a bit!" Cara Schroth

"Love First Light!" Leslie George

"We have loved our time at First Light! Miss Harlow loves to go and that makes it so much easier to drop her off. My "mom heart" is so thankful! I'm so glad we will be continuing our relationship with First Light!" Ellen Goode-Neeson

"We love First Light. They're wonderful with our two little guys. Thanks for all you do. It's nice knowing they're taken care of when we're working." Kathryn Guy

"First Light has been an incredible blessing. Highly qualified staff and beautiful facility bring peace to my heart!" Jennifer Kiehl

"Elliana loves First Light and we can't wait to see what the Spring 2016 semester has to offer!" Alex Bloom

"We can tell that our daughter is becoming a better, well-adjusted and highly socialized child because of her time learning at First Light with her peers. She loves getting ready to go to "school" and is such a happy camper when we pick her up. We are so happy with the encouragement, teaching, and love given to our daughter, and our family by the teachers and staff of First Light!" Leslie George

"We just want to thank you for making the transition to First Light so welcoming and easy. Your kindness is very appreciated." Cory Smyth

"I am so impressed with First Light's food program. It is very reassuring to know that my child is being fed at First Light in the same way that our family eats at home. We believe that establishing healthy eating habits now will have a life-long impact, so I appreciate that healthy menus and eating principles are being reinforced at every mealtime, not just the meals he shares with is." Crystal D. Merriam

“If I was a child, I would want to go to First Light. My daughter had minimal transition time due to all the individual attention. They have a positive, clean, organized, highly structured, nurturing, educational, environment that exceeded my expectation and far exceeds any other school in Sheridan.” Paige Pozos

“We absolutely love Fist Light. We believe that the teachers, the curriculum, and the care and attention that our son receives can’t be beat. The cost is higher than other centers in the area and every month we pray about continuing to send our son there and every month we return because we can’t think of a better place to put our money.” Emily Betzler

“My daughter has attended First Light for the past two years. She has had a few different teachers as her classrooms have changed. All the teachers have been exceptional. The entire staff has always been friendly and professional. My daughter always looks forward going to school to see what new and exciting lessons were planned for that day.” Lydia Giannone

“First Light has been an amazing experience for my child, as well as my husband and I. The teachers are approachable and kind. They are actively participating with the children at all times. My child is happy and feels loved at First Light. The food is healthy and fresh and unlike any other daycare in town. I recommend it to everyone I know.” Misty Gardner

”As a first time mom, I was concerned with my child going to daycare. However, First Light has been a blessing to our family. I feel confident in the staff and know that my child loves being there which is a huge comfort for any parent. We love First Light.” Chandra Cody

“We couldn’t be happier having our boys at First Light, knowing that they are eating healthy meals and learning so much while playing with their friends in a nurturing environment.” Steinhorst Family

“Wonderful facility and staff. I would not take my kids anywhere else. It is well worth the cost to know your child is safe, well taken care of, and is learning. My daughter has developed tremendously since attending First Light two years ago. When compared to other children her age that do not attend First Light or daycare she is more advanced. We appreciate everything First Light has to offer!” Mandy Schmidt

“I’ve had my little one at First Light for two years. I was struggling with using a daycare, but have been very happy with the care my daughter receives. She has thrived socially and academically. The teachers are caring and professional, as well as very open with communication. I love that my daughter is exposed to new and healthy meal options as well. I couldn’t be more pleased with First Light!” Linette Dunning

“We are very happy with the staff of First Light. They make every day that our son is there a great experience!” Eric Roe

“Leaving your child in someone else’s care is never an easy thing to do and it is exponentially harder when your child seems unhappy or cries at drop off. My daughter cheers when I say we’re going to school. Knowing she is happy and cared for makes all the difference in the world.” Alisa Brantz

“After my maternity leave ended, and it was time to drop off my son for his first day of daycare, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. He was so small. The staff at First Light made me feel that my baby was in good hands, and they updated me throughout the day. Now, my son is 7 months old, and he lights up when he sees the gals in the infant room, and they light up, too. He enjoys being there, and I truly feel that they genuinely care for him. I also love the atmosphere at First Light. Everyone is so friendly, and they know me and my husband by name. I feel completely comfortable communicating with staff. Because of the security system they have in place, I also feel that my son is safe. Next to home and with family, I believe that First Light is the best place that my son could be.” Dawnie Torrence

“We love First Light’s facility. It is clean, secure, and welcoming. The toys are new, safe, engaging, and facilitate development in all areas. We also appreciate the nutritious meals and cooperative nature of different families providing snacks. Our son’s language and social comfort has increased tenfold in the three months he has been at First Light. The teachers are friendly, attentive, and loving. Our son gets excited, smiling, and calling Ms. Ashley and Miss Sarah by name when he sees them. It is a huge relief going to work knowing our son is well taken care of, loved, and having fun! Thank you.” Hanson Family

“I do believe First Light would be second best to family beings it is a wonderful place! First Light really impressed me.” Sarah Vanbuggenum

“HighScope curriculum has helped both our children truly enjoy their education, as well as enhance our parenting style at home. The food program is a great experience for our kids and a habit we’ve instilled in our everyday lives!” JW & Stevie Phillips

“We have been with First Light for two years. They have done an excellent job working with my child, and through all the changes that have happened, they have continued to teach with love and support towards him. The staff that is there is amazing, and will be missed as we start kindergarten.” Brittany Camp

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to work at FL. I learned so much in the few months I was there, and also feel like I was able to have some positive impacts while I was there. I am so in love with Highscope now! Also, add as parent, I can't say enough wonderful things about the precious feet room! Frank has flourished while in their care. The attention to detail on that room really helps a parent feel at ease!” Erin Zemaitis

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the First Light staff for providing unparalleled child care and early childhood education. It was really tough for me – especially in the beginning – to surrender my little lady over to total strangers while I’m at work. However, I don’t feel like you guys are strangers anymore. While I still miss my girl desperately and find myself harrying back to her every day, I have come to see that Cora’s part-time care situation provides her with educational and social situations I would not be able to duplicate if I were a stay-at-home parent. I hope and believe she will be a more confident and well-adjusted person because of her experiences there. I can see that First Light is very selective about its staff, and I appreciate their professional, courteous, and genuine interactions with my family. Yan has gone out of her way to help Cora have a place amidst mostly bigger kids. I can tell by the look on her face when I pick her up every day that Ashley and Stacie are also her trusted friends. Each staff member makes a point to share stories about how the day when while I was away, and it helps me feel more connected to my daughter. I trust their competence and judgment. What really sets First Light apart from other child care centers is the staff’s commitment not only to academic learning, but the emphasis on what I refer to as ‘learning how to be human.’ I think education should not be started without first establishing a strong baseline understanding of compassion, courtesy, respect, and social values. While most daycares at least pay lip service to this idea, I see the strongest evidence this idea put into action by the First Light staff. Obviously, I am totally ruined for other daycares. I hope you guys will be around for the long haul because our community and our society needs places like this for every kid whose parents have to go to work. Thanks for everything.” Justin Davis

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