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First Light Early Education Center


For a schedule of First Light's semester tuition rates and fees, please see the Application Process section of our TUITION page.

Tuition and fees payments will be automatically processed through Tuition Express™.
Tuition Express Forms.pdf [fillable]

Tuition Express™
Secure electronic payment
processing that works directly within Procare.

Declined payment:
Tuition is transmitted on the 20th of each month vie tuition express. If the 20th falls on a weekend tuition will transmit the Friday before. If your credit card/account is declined a $45 non-sufficient fund fee is charged. We will notify you if there is a decline to determine when we can try again or if you have another credit card/account information you would like to use to process payment. Please ensure your account information for billing is up to date and the card on file has not expired.  Also, if your card has been lost/stolen recently, please ensure we have the update accordingly!

First Light Early Education Center Notices

Early Childhood

Refer to the
Calendar for Breaks/Closures

3-5 Years

Enrichment 5-8

Kindergarten 5-8

After School
Reading & Math Enrichment 5-8

Accepting older
2's that are
potty trained