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First Light Early Education Center


We recognize and appreciate that parents play the primary role in raising and educating their children. Research indicates that child outcomes improve when parents participate in their child’s education and when they feel supported and respected.

First Light has a strong desire to equip children and see families connected with resources in our community as a support network that will allow them to function to the best of their ability. Each family has a unique set of strengths and needs. We try to incorporate a holistic perspective as we view the family system and look at how it operates.

The Family Resource Team (FRT) is a position unique to First Light, as we believe the family system is the foundation for every child's growth, development and success in their futures.

The FRT is available to work with each family enrolled in our center to assess any area of need and will be prepared to offer appropriate resources should the family desire to utilize these services. We hope you will take advantage of the many resources First Light has available to encourage child, parent and family growth and development.

If you are a First Light family member and feel your child could benefit from this additional support, you may fill out the Family Resources Form or contact our FRT for confidential support personalized to your individual needs.

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The Early English Language Development Standards - 2.5–5.5 YEARS

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